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And nowhere is this more present than in the noggin of your manager Gareth Southgate. Gareth Southgate may have more misery in store. For centuries, Germans have happily made their homes in Britain, from the composer Joseph Haydn to the political philosopher Karl Marx. In fact, British academics such as Mr McGregor are far more reverential about the noble aspects of Prussian culture than most Germans writers are, partly because our academics tend to focus on the militaristic side of ‘Prussianism’. Tennis legend Boris Becker is treated with far more respect in London than in Germany, where his erratic personal life and financial troubles are the subject of derision. The contrast with your Prime Minister Boris Johnson could hardly be greater. After the team’s victory against Sweden on Tuesday, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal took to Twitter to praise the ‘historic victory’ which has secured Ukraine’s place in the quarterfinals of the Euros. After the friendly with Austria last week, one Twitter user wrote: ‘Not enjoying Gareth Southgate’s shiny suit and polo shirt combo. Southgate, who turned 50 last year, has already debuted the whistle-and-flute that he’s likely to wear in the dugout for the team’s first match against Croatia on Sunday afternoon – a more casual lightweight grey suit teamed with a comfy-looking fine-knit navy polo shirt.

In fact, the one aspect of the upcoming contest that gives me hope is that it is a clash that carries more baggage than a Hollywood celebrity at LA airport. McConaughey, 51, is a genuine A-lister, the Oscar-winning star of, among others, Dazed and Confused, Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective, so is more used to seeing red carpet beneath his feet than a green pitch – but as part-owner and Austin FC’s ‘Minister of Culture’, it is something he is ready to get used to. Indeed, the creation of the position of Prime Minister owes much to the fact that he needed someone to deal with all his ministers, as he struggled to converse with them. For the truth is that, despite our differences, our two nations actually have in a great deal in common. Yet today it’s enjoying a posh-nosh revival on trendy restaurant menus across the country, while star chefs including TV favourites Jamie Oliver, Tom Kerridge and James Martin have all made space for it in recent recipe books. The Coronavirus crisis halted professional football across much of Europe in recent months – but the Three Lions are back in action this month in their new, shiny kits.

With red and light blue change kits present. On the back of a home strip that embraced the royal blue, Umbro went all out with bright red for the next effort. The same routines played out this year as they do any other: the groups of fans dressed in Federer-related regalia stationed underneath the bridge from Centre Court to the press centre, hoping to catch a glimpse of their hero. With the spiralling cost of modern replica coupled with the lack of availability, fans have understandably been looking at alternatives to show off their support. You have always had great faith in Germany’s high-tech mastery, as exhibited by the way the phrase ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ – the Audi advertising slogan ‘Progress through technology’ – has become part of the British lexicon. I, for one, absolutely love cooking fish, but the grocery stores and markets around me in Brooklyn all have seafood selections that leave much to be desired. Britain is supposed to love freedom, Germany discipline.

Strictly speaking, both shirts are associated with unhappy memories: the semifinal elimination by West Germany at the 1990 World Cup and the semifinal elimination by a united Germany six years later in the European Championship, both on penalties. Pictured: World cup semi-final, 1990, Turin, Italy England 1 v West, Germany 1. England’s Chris Waddle is consoled by West German captain Lothar Matthaeus after his miss in the penalty shoot-out. Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss the upcoming Sakhir Grand Prix, the sport’s governing FIA said on Tuesday. The National Football League (NFL) once again delayed a game between the Baltimore Ravens and the unbeaten Pittsburgh Steelers, pushing it from Tuesday to Wednesday, as the league grapples with COVID-19 positive tests. It wasn’t immediately known if Edelman tested positive for COVID-19 or was in close contact with someone who did. And nobody needs reminding of how close your Royal Family’s connections to Germany are. On visits to Dorset, I was always struck at how the local rural cottages there were very like those in north-west Germany. It wasn’t until 1930 that an official ‘change’ or away kit was required, when England played Austria and Germany who both wore white.

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